As More Schools Ban Paddling, Others Defend It

by Rachel Chason | Religion News Service

paddling(RNS) The use of corporal punishment on disobedient students — commonly known as paddling — will be banned this coming school year in three counties in Florida and two in North Carolina.

That still leaves hundreds of school districts in the 19 states where the practice is still legal.

As the number of studies showing the negative effects that corporal punishment can have on children has increased, the number of students paddled in public schools nationally has decreased — going from 342,038 in 2000 to 217,814 in 2009-10, according to the Department of Education’s Office of Civil Rights.

Studies have shown that in states where paddling is allowed, it’s used disproportionately on minority students and those with mental, physical and emotional disabilities.

A 2008 Human Rights Watch report found that although African-American students made up 17.1 percent of the student population nationwide, they made up 35.6 percent of those paddled. The report also notes that children with disabilities in Texas made up 10.7 percent of the student population in the 2006-07 school year but accounted for 18.4 percent of those paddled. [Read the full article here: Corporal Punishment]

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Why Young Evangelicals are Moving to Poor Areas

by Eric Metaxas | BreakPoint

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A recent article in al-Jazeera America provided an inspiring glimpse of what restoration looks like.

You heard me correctly: al-Jazeera.

The article, “Downwardly Mobile for Jesus,” tells the story of what sociologist James Bielo of Miami University calls a “hot thing”: younger evangelicals moving back into the city, not out of a desire to enjoy the attractions of city life, but out of Christian commitment to make a difference in poor neighborhoods.

The story focused on families in Baltimore’s Sandtown neighborhood, a 72-square block area where the median household income is less than half the national average.

Matthew Loftus, the Chief Resident at a Baltimore hospital, moved into the community in 2009 with his family. Loftus and others like him are not dreamers or people seeking an adventure before getting on with their “real” lives.

Instead, they are people moved by a vision articulated by longtime Prison Fellowship board member John Perkins. That vision is dubbed “incarnational ministry.” As the name suggests, it takes its inspiration from the fact that God became flesh and shared in human suffering. Or put more colorfully, Jesus “did not commute back and forth from heaven.” [Read the full story here: Young Evangelicals]

The Church of England Votes to Ordain Women

by Al Mohler | President, Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

church of englandWriting about the age of John Milton, the British author A. N. Wilson once tried to explain to modern secular readers that there had once been a time when bishops of the Church of England were titanic figures of conviction who were ready to stand against the culture. “It needs an act of supreme historical imagination to be able to recapture an atmosphere in which Anglican bishops might be taken seriously,” he wrote, “still more, one in which they might be thought threatening.”

Keep that in mind as you read the news that the General Synod of the Church of England voted yesterday to approve the consecration of women as bishops of the church.

The votes came less than two years after a similar measure failed to gain the necessary two-thirds vote before the same synod. The election of women as bishops had sailed through the bishops and the clergy, but opposition from lay members of the synod had blocked the measure late in 2012.

What few even in the British media are now mentioning is the massive pressure brought upon the church by the larger British culture and, most specifically, from the British government.

British Prime Minister David Cameron said yesterday was “a great day for the Church and for equality.” Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg said that the vote was a “big moment” and Ed Miliband, leader of the opposition Labor Party said that the vote was “wonderful news.” [Read the full story here: Church of England Women]

Why Women Need to Stop Judging Each other

by Kelly Givens of

Why Women Need to Stop Judging Each other“Mothering a mess of kids is as important as preaching to a stadium for a month of Sundays.”

Ladies, let these words from Ann Voskamp sink in and settle on your heart. Do you believe them? In the day-to-day of carpools, soothing babies or putting in overtime at work, what you do can feel inconsequential, unappreciated, unglamorous. But the work you are doing is just as important as the work of Max Lucado or any other ministry leader.

In fact, Max Lucado himself will be the first to admit it. Ann writes: “I begged grace from Max Lucado a few weeks ago with this note that I wouldn’t be able to speak [at one of his events] as planned. There was ocean-depth wisdom in his gentle words: ‘Ann, we have the option of hundreds of speakers. Your kids only have the option of one mom.’”

Though she’s a best-selling author and widely sought after for speaking engagements, Ann has come to understand that her top priority at the moment—her number one ministry—is her family. “There was an invite to a retreat in Italy, an invite to a retreat in British Columbia,” she writes. “Invitations aren’t obligations. Invitations are options…Every yes automatically says no somewhere else.”

Every yes automatically says no somewhere else. [Read the full article at here: Women]

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Take Action: Thank Hobby Lobby and Conestoga Wood

hobby_conestogaThe U.S. Supreme Court is set to release their decision in the Hobby Lobby and Conestoga Wood cases on Monday June 30.

Obamacare’s HHS Mandate forces employers to offer life-ending drugs and devices in health insurance policies. Americans United for Life has filed 18 amicus curiae briefs in challenges against the Mandate, defending the constitutional rights of all Americans.

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Simple Faith

simple faithA friend of mine had a little post on one of her social media pages. She was talking about “unchurched, not religious, not God rejecting people” and the fact that there are so many of them. This is so true and it got me to thinking — and then I started replying to her simple post and realized that my thoughts were getting longer and longer. I think she was talking about how religiosity just swallows up people, those that might have been otherwise better off without all the dogma — well that is sort of how I came away with it. Then she ended the post with what was really on her heart, she said: “Christians as a whole are crazy, especially online… and simple belief & faith is better than getting involved in Christianity and losing faith or rejecting God, “– simple faith. She asked for our thoughts or experience and so here is what I have to share.

Even devils (demons) know God “Thou believest that there is one God; thou doest well: the devils also believe, and tremble.” (James 2:19) But what does that get them? Nothing! Well, something ,,, a place in the pit (Matt 25:41; 2 Pet 2:4)

So just believing that there is one God is not good enough to get you to Heaven. Satan even quoted Scripture (remember the temptations of Jesus).

So even being able to quote Scriptures is not enough!

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Presbyterian Church (PCUSA) Have Voted to Worship Man

By Pastor Stacy Swimp (

pcusa marriageThe top legislative body of the Presbyterian Church (USA) voted on Thursday to support marriage redefinition in their church constitution, adding language that marriage can be the union of ”two people” instead of only ”a man and a woman.”

This amendment now awaits approval from a majority of the 172 regional presbyteries, which will vote on the change in the next year. In a separate policy change- which goes into effect immediately- delegates voted to allow ministers to preside at homosexual weddings in states where the marriage redefinition is legal and local congregational leaders approve.

However, the Bible makes it clear that marriage between one man and one woman is ordained of God. [Read Full Article Here: PCUSA Redefines Marriage]