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Do you see yourself as someone who writes books and when it is time to publish you are not interested in seeking out a publisher that you need to beg to publish your book and pay thousands of dollars to do so? Do you need someone to get that book into an industry standard format to be printed? Maybe you need help getting a printing estimate and even assistance sending the book off to the printer. Perhaps you need someone to get it cataloged and registered so it is available to book vendors around the world. We want to help Christian and Family Friendly Authors do all of these things at reasonable rates. When you order any of these services we will send you a quotation that will be based upon the size of your book (number of pages and/or number of words).

Here is what we see as the critical path to getting your book self-published:

  1.  The Author writes the book
  2.  The Editor proofs and edits the book (consider our Every Day Editing for this)
  3.  The Author sets the selling price for the book

Christianity Every Day Publishing can help with the following steps:

4.  Get ISBNs and Barcodes for all versions of the book
5.  Catalog & Register book with Library of Congress
6.  Design the book cover
7.  Format the book for “print ready” in the size of your choice
8.  Get printing estimate and send for a printed book “proof hard copy”
9.  Get the book printed
10. Format the eBook

Once these steps are completed you will have your book in hand and be ready to market and distribute your book.

PDF Interior Design- Format for Print Ready plus ISBNs (see prices below)

Once your manuscript is ready to print (this means it has already been edited) we will format it as a “Print Ready” electronic PDF. Since your copyright page includes your ISBN (International Standard Book Number), if you do not own an ISBN for your book we will purchase it for you for the fee listed below. This ISBN is used by distributors, wholesalers, libraries, merchants and online search engines. It helps to locate you and the publisher of your books. Note that every version of your book (paperback, hardcover, ePub, MOBI and PDF) has its own unique ISBN — so you may need 4 or 5 ISBNs for just one title. ISBNs can never be reused once assigned to a format of your book. You also need to have a price set for your book when setting up your ISBN barcode because the price is included therein.

Prices for formatting below are based on a simple layout (novel style and no images or special text). All pages are the same size of your choice, black ink only (4.25” x 7”, 5.5” x 8.5”, 6” x 9” or 8.5” x 11”.)

$150  Purchase One ISBN plus One Barcode

$125  Purchase One ISBN only (no bar code)

$320  Purchase Ten ISBNs plus One Barcode

$25    Barcodes only (price per each for 1-5 barcodes)


$200  Interior pages formatting Up to 54 pages

$225  Interior pages formatting 55 to 155 pages

$250  Interior pages formatting 156 to 250 pages

$300  Interior pages formatting 251 to 350 pages

$350  Interior pages formatting 351 to 400 pages

Cover – Design for Print Ready ($200)

You provide a high quality photo that is 1,600 pixels wide by 2,400 pixels high (portrait orientation) with a resolution of 300 dpi or better for your cover as well as the text that you would like to see on the front and back of the cover. For example, the front of the cover will always include the book title, subtitle and the author name. The back of your cover might include a teaser, endorsements from famous people and/or even a bio with the author’s photo. You send all of these things to us and we will make it look pretty and provide you a “proof” for your approval. We will make sure your ISBN and bar code are added to the back of the cover as well.

Cataloging & Registration with the Library of Congress ($50)

For your publication over pages large, we will make sure your book is cataloged and registered with the Library of Congress. Why register with the Library of Congress? This will allow your book to be cataloged and made available to the nation’s libraries as well as book vendors around the world. Two things are mandatory to make this happen, you need a (1) Cataloging in Publication (CIP) and (2) Preassigned Control Number (PCN). As an option, for additional fees, a Copyright Mandatory Deposit and Registration can be done for added copyright protection above inherent copyrights native to the printing or publishing of your work. The Library of Congress lists the following information on their website regarding Cataloging in Publication:

Purpose of the CIP Program

  • The purpose of the Cataloging in Publication (CIP) Program is to serve the nation’s libraries by cataloging books in advance of publication.
  • Publishers submit applications via the Library of Congress Web site.
  • The Library creates a bibliographic record for each publication and sends it to the publisher.
  • The publisher prints the record (known as CIP data) on the verso of the title page.
  • The CIP data is thereby available to each library that acquires a copy of the book.
  • The Library of Congress also distributes these records weekly in machine readable form to large libraries, bibliographic services, and book vendors around the world.
  • Many of these organizations redistribute these records in products and services designed to alert the library community to forthcoming publications and to facilitate acquisition.


Printing estimate ($25.00 to work up an estimate)

We can provide you with an estimate for printing your book from the printer of our choice. Then we can send it off to the printer, order the printed proof copy for you and arrange for the books to be shipped to the location of your choice. This, of course, can only be done once the book interior format and cover are complete and ready to send along. For a ball park estimate of a perfect bound book (most popular paperback binding choice), you should expect to pay from $3.50 to $5.00 per printed book. This price per book will decrease when you print a large quantity of books. Other printing costs to consider are the type of binding, the brightness of the paper and any other nonstandard features. This $25.00 fee to work up the estimate is in addition to the actual cost to have the books printed and shipped.

eBook Formatting (see pricing below) 

Most authors want to offer their book in an eBook format as well as hard copy. You provide your already edited manuscript and cover and we will do basic eBook formatting to allow your book to be read on popular readers like Amazon (Kindle) MOBI/KF8, Barnes & Noble Nook ePub2, Google Play PDF, iTunes ePub2 and more. According to industry standard, where necessary, we will be sure that your eBook includes an internal hyperlinked Table of Contents, embedded fonts, correct chapter and subchapter breaks and such. This could include up to 10 external hyperlinks. And you may include up to 10 images.

$125 eBook formatting 40,000 words or less

$175 eBook formatting more than 40,000 words up to 100,000 words

Ask for Quotation  eBook formatting more than 100,000 words

Author Spotlight Page

When you purchase our services for Interior page design, cover design and printing we will provide you with a free Author Spotlight Page on our Christianity Every Day website. Your book must be available for purchase before your Author Spotlight Page goes live. On that page we will highlight your book (or books) and other information that you may share with others. We will be sure to include your purchasing links on this page as well. We will even include links to your other Christian and Family Friendly books that were published elsewhere. Think of it as a centralized location for your works. Take a look at the sample Author Spotlight Page below:


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