Album Review: You Are My Hiding Place by Lenny Smith

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By Pamela Rose Williams

When we served at a little country church in NE Ohio I learned a song called “Our God Reigns”. It was one of our favorites and as I led the worship service it was rare that someone in the congregation sat silent during this song. This great song was release by Leonard (Lenny) E. Smith in 1974 and every one of the 5 verses, including the chorus are Scripturally based.

Singer/Songwriter Lenny Smith

Some time ago I was asked by Lenny to review his newest album “You Are My Hiding Place”. I am honored to provide my review here.

Love this video from the “You Are My Hiding Place” CD release party:

My Favorites

I love how the first track on the album is called “Teach Me, My God” and it is really a prayer to the Lord asking Him to teach the songs that people sing to Him and then goes on to ask Him to teach “me” the words “they sing too” that I may sing them. Why? So that I may please You (Oh Lord)! Oh, that my children were still small enough to listen to this while they fall to sleep — good Christian music was always allowed at bedtime in our home.

The title track “You Are My Hiding Place” is a simple tune that proclaims the Shelter that we have in the Lord God. Again, we are reminded of the importance of song as the lyrics of the chorus say “You surround me with songs of victory, songs of peace and joy…” A great reminder that we can seek shelter, peace and joy in Godly music.

A Memory Verse

I have always believed that one of the best ways to memorize Scripture is to learn it as a song. Though it is not the only one on the album, Track 11 “All Things Work Together for Good” is exactly the kind of song that will help you to memorize Romans 8:28-31. Again, a great song straight from the Bible!

Why You Should Get This Album

Good Christian music is sometimes hard to find but I just know that Lenny’s newest album is something that will brighten your day. I believe especially children will love this album and learn to sing along. The entire album plays for only about 40 minutes, so you should just take some time to listen and enjoy. I have been streaming the album as I write this review and I have had to stop several times to do just that — listen and enjoy, well, and sing along!

Quite frankly, these songs written between 1971 and 2000 promise the 70’s & 80’s upbeat happy-go-lucky vibe. Great, fun music! The beat, electric guitar and harmonies could have been on my Walkman in High School. Do you know what a Walkman is? Well, let’s just say it was our iPod back in the day!

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Credit: Featured image artwork by Daniel Smith used by permission. Photo of Lenny Smith borrowed from Great Comfort Records

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