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Becoming the Bride of Christ by Marilynn DawsonOver the next six weeks, Christianity Every Day is going to be part of a blog tour for me (Author Marilynn Dawson). I have written the new series, “Becoming the Bride of Christ: A Personal Journey”. There are six volumes in my series as well as a Leader’s Guide. The first stop in my tour will be on October 11th:

Volume One: Exert – The Prince of Peace Rides In
The Day The World Retreated

Subsequent stops will be as follows, notice the bold entry where Christianity Every Day will host an excerpt from one of the volumes in my series:

October 18th, Volume Two: Excerpt – The Fire of God’s Love 
Christianity Every Day

October 25th, Volume Three: Excerpt – Psalm 27
From a Daughter

November 1st, Volume Four: Excerpt – Psalm 30
Seeking Peace in a Storm

November 8th, Volume Five: Excerpt – Lifter of my Head
Psalm 119 Greater than Gold

November 16th, Volume Six: Excerpt – Opening Story Segment


Do you desire to go deeper in your relationship with God? Have you ever felt the sting of dreams dying? Have you ever felt as if God couldn’t use you anymore? This series is for you! Be sure to catch all six stops in my blog tour! You can get more information from my official page on Facebook at: This series may be purchased from at the links below:


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