‘Burger King Baby’ Forgives Birth Mom

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by Sarah Padbury | WORLD News Service

Scared and alone, pregnant after being raped, Katheryn Deprill’s birth mother left her infant daughter in a Pennsylvania Burger King 27 years ago. Deprill didn’t know why her mother chose to give her up, but she longed to meet her and thank her in person for not having an abortion.

The story of their recent reunion, thanks to Facebook, has gone viral, capturing media attention and underscoring the value of life, even for babies conceived under the most difficult circumstances.

Deprill, now 27, is an EMT and the married mother of three boys who lives in South Whitehall, Penn., just 10 miles from the Allentown restaurant where her mother left her in 1986. A Burger King employee alerted authorities after finding the crying baby wrapped in a red sweater, with her umbilical cord still attached, laying on the bathroom floor. The press dubbed her the “Burger King Baby,” and police searched unsuccessfully for her mother for months.

Deprill’s foster parents eventually [Read full article Burger King Baby]

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