Can a Christian Be Gay?

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By Larry Tomczak | CharismaNews
April 17, 2013

The entire Bible unambiguously defines marriage between one man and one woman.
The entire Bible unambiguously defines marriage between one man and one woman.

Departing a restaurant where we celebrated my wife’s birthday recently, I got a 10 p.m. call on my cellphone. The lady in Kentucky needed help because her bank teller friend, who identifies as a Christian, was confused about homosexuality.

Her unmarried female friend read a book called Torn: Rescuing the Gospel from the Gays-vs.-Christians Debate by Justin Lee, 36-year-old founder of the Gay Christian Network that “helps educate the Christian community about sexual issues from a biblical standpoint.” Having feelings at times for members of the same sex, the woman’s friend was being influenced by his theories and asking, “Is it OK to be a gay Christian?” “What about same-sex marriage?”

Lee encourages his followers to embrace counsel from the New Testament (Rom. 14) and “not quarrel over disputable matters” and choose one of two paths:

  • Side A: God allows permanent, monogamous gay relationships.
  • Side B: Gay Christians remain celibate. 

What follows is my way of helping someone like this lady. In a day where even the president of the United States, for whom I pray daily, seems to be either naïve or misinformed, as a professing Christian on this critical topic, I hope to offer help in the national conversation.

I approach this subject not as an angry, mean-spirited extremist but rather [Read the full article here: Gay Christian]

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