Hobby Lobby Case Update

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February 11, 2014

An attorney with a religious freedom organization representing a retail chain against the federal government over the controversial “preventive services” mandate has stated that the case is about religious freedom and not women’s health.

Kyle Duncan, attorney with the Becket Fund for Religious Liberty and lead counsel for Hobby Lobby Stores Inc., was the featured speaker at a conference call press briefing held Monday afternoon.

Photo: Hobby Lobby
Photo: Hobby Lobby

The briefing was in regards to Hobby Lobby’s suit against the Department of Health and Human Services over the “preventive services” mandate, which compels businesses to cover various forms of contraceptives in employee health insurance.

Duncan told The Christian Post that contrary to how some critics of Hobby Lobby might state the case, which will be argued before the United States Supreme Court in March, it is not an issue about women’s health.

“The federal government has exempted millions of people, millions of insurance plans from having the cover any contraceptives in any women’s preventive services,” said Duncan.

“The government itself has put all sorts of exceptions into this law, but even more than that, the Greens and Hobby Lobby have generous health benefits for women and for men.” [Read full article: Hobby Lobby Religious Freedom]

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