“Jesus” allowed on tombstone

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By Heather Clark | Christian News Network

jesus tombstoneSTERLING, Co. – A city in Colorado has agreed to allow the name of Jesus to be engraved on a tombstone for a local pastor’s wife after the cemetery director refused the inscription and stated that it could be offensive.

Linda Baker, wife of Mark Baker, the pastor of Harvest Baptist Church in Ovid, Colorado, recently passed away following a battle with cancer. According to reports, one of her last wishes was that her tombstone be engraved with an Ichthus fish and the name of Jesus in the center.

However, when her family advised the director of the city-owned cemetery of the desired inscription for the marker, he stated that he could not grant the request. Shawn Rewoldt explained that the fish would be acceptable, but the name of Jesus presented a problem.

“At first they told us it wouldn’t fit,” daughter-in-law Stacy Adams told conservative commentator Todd Starnes. “But after we kept pushing them, the cemetery director told us that it might offend somebody. They weren’t going to allow it.”

But she said that there are numerous other Christian-themed tombstones in [read the full story here Colorado Cemetery Director Bans ‘Jesus’ From Being Engraved on Tombstone]

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