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Born and raised by Mark & Caroline Jobe, Kari Jobe has had a passion for music and loved to sing even from a young age. After accepting Christ at five and growing up in a Christian home, Kari knew when she was 10 that she wanted to be a worship leader and nothing else. She would listen to songs and think about how they would apply to her life or someone she knew that was dealing with a trial in their life. She had a passion and in her heart she wanted to write songs that could speak for someone when they couldn’t find the words.

Take a look at this video of Behind the Music with Randy Robison:

After studying at Oral Roberts, Christ for the Nations, and Dallas Baptist University, she earned her degrees in Psychology & Pastoral Ministries. After graduation it came as a total surprise when her home church-Gateway Church in Southlake, Texas- took her on as an associate worship Pastor. Unsure at first about her decision, she had faith and took the offer then watched, amazed at how God worked in her life and through her life in the lives of those around her. She continued to work at her church recording on Gateway Worship Projects, Living For You, and Wake Up World. Mixing new versions of other artists worship songs, collaborating with other artists, and her own material, she has a way of putting unique spin on everything she touches in the music she writes. When she released her first solo album under Gateway Create Publishing and Create Music in 2009, I’m sure Kari couldn’t have imagined at the time that churches and radio stations all over the world would soon be singing and playing her music.

After releasing her follow-up album with Sparrow Records, Where I Find You in January of 2012 she released the hit single “We Are” co-produced with Chris Tomlin and Chris August. The song’s message is so much about being called to impact the lives of everyone we come in contact with, Kari takes the song quite literally with her newest project partnering with A21 campaign and the fight against Human Trafficking and sex slavery. Over 27 million people are still sold into slavery around the world, even here in the United States, and Great Britain, girls as young as 4 and 6 years old are being sold in the hundreds of thousands every day. We thought slavery was being abolished but today it’s even bigger than ever. Some girls are taken against their will, some are trying to escape poverty, and others are tricked into contracts, signing away their lives away not realizing they’re trapped until it’s too late.

“I’ve become really invested in that ministry and strongly believe that we all have to play a role and do our part to fight against the modern form of slavery that affects 27 million people and growing… It’s so incredibly dark, and I feel a responsibility to do what I can. Most of these victims are girls like me, and I can’t imagine what life would be like to be stuck in that place.” Says Kari “Whether I’m participating in an effort like this or leading worship, it’s all about making a difference, that’s the reason I’m doing what I’m doing at this specific moment—to see God’s name lifted high, to encourage the hurt and the broken and to remind everyone to draw close to Him because He really, truly does care about each and every one of His children.” (A21 campaign)

Working with her sister on her own line of jewelry and t-shirts, all proceeds from her ministry go straight to ending injustice and human-trafficking around the world.

When speaking about her work against human trafficking, writing, the album, worship, and life, Kari has no shortage of transparency. “This song is so gut-wrenching for me…” she explains about her favorite song “You Are For Me” on her second album. “there are times you are so broken that all you can do is sing over yourself with words like, ‘God is for me.’ But I believe it is one song that people can use to remember that God is for us, so who can be against us?” Using her own personal journals when she writes, Kari is able to relate even more to the hearts of the people she touches with her songs by openly sharing her own heart. “This album is about hope and life; it’s about lifting the broken off the floor and singing love over them. The songs create intimate moments and outward shouting, and it’s my hope that these songs find the broken and lift them to a place of praise to God for what He’s done.”

When Kari isn’t working on her next album and touring with close friends like Chris Tomlin & Desperation Band she still serves as a worship Pastor at her home church.

Kari Jobe’s Discography:
– 2004: Throneroom Worship: Live Acoustic Worship
– 2007: Bethlehem
– 2009: Kari Jobe
– 2009: Le Canto
– 2010: Prepare the Way – A Night of Worship with Klaus and Kari Jobe
– 2012: Where I Find You
– 2012: Donde Te Encuentro

Enjoy Kari’s beautiful voice in one of my favorite worship songs that she sings in the video below:

Connect with Kari Jobe:

Web: karijobe.com
YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/karijobe
Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/karijobe
And don’t forget to look for her music on iTunes


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