Natalie Grant Talks About “It Takes a Church”

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If You Want to Find LOVE … You’ve Got to Have FAITH

We are excited about the new reality dating series “It Takes a Church” that will premier on GSN, Thursday June 5th @ 9/8C. The show is hosted by popular Christian artist Natalie Grant. Christianity Every Day was honored when Grace Hill Media offered us an invitation to interview Natalie Grant and then to feature the interview right here.

Our media correspondent Hollie Rose had fun talking with Natalie. Here is the transcript of the interview as well as the audio file.

(click on the play button above to listen to interview)

N:        Hi Hollie!

H:        Hi Natalie, this is Hollie.

N:        How are you?

H:        Good, how are you?

N:        I’m well, thank you

H:        Good, and do you mind if I record this while we are talking?

N:        No, not at all

H:        Sounds great. So I got you recording and we’re here with Christianity Every Day with Natalie Grant. And Natalie I just want to tell you that we are so thrilled that you are here with us today and I just feel so blessed that you took a few minutes to sit down with me here.

N:        Thank you for having me.

H:        So we’re here to talk about your new series that is going to be premiering … I just realized it is going to be premiering this week actually.

N:        Yes, it premiers Thursday, June 5th

H:        And it’s going to be on the Game Show Network, right?

N:        Yes, it is … at 9 PM Eastern … I’m not quite sure where you are located but 9PM Eastern 8PM Central

H:        So, we’ll be looking out for that. You know I wanted to get back to the basics since we are here at Christianity Every Day. And I really, really wanted to ask you, where did this all start? How did you first come to know Christ?

N:        Oh goodness. Well I was raised in a Christian home and I prayed the sinner’s prayer when I was 6 years old. I came home from a church service and I think the preacher must have been talking a lot about Hell and I just didn’t want to go there. And I went to my Mom – I can remember it so vividly, she was folding clothes and putting them in a powder blue clothes basket — I can see it in my head. And when I said “Hey Mom I wanna make sure that I’m going to Heaven” She took the clothes back out, flipped it upside down and made a little altar and I knelt at the powder blue clothes basket to ask Jesus to come into my heart. But of course, at 6, I definitely think that I got saved but it was a journey, from there really discovering who Jesus is and what an actual, individual relationship with Him meant and how that would change my life.

H:        So, you’d say then you probably had a very strong family unit then as a child?

N:        Very much so. I’ve been very blessed. My parents have been married for 57 years – incredible – my Grandfather was a minister for over 50 years and I have a wonderful heritage.

H:        That’s really great, hearing about a marriage that goes on for that long

N:        Yes!

H:        Especially when you are working on something that kinda matches people up together. I wanna tell you I work with my Mom here at this web site … my Mom is the founder and editor and I’m only 22 but I really enjoyed watching the show with her – we watched the screening together and I really loved that it encouraged the accountability with believers.

N:        I love that you picked up on that! ‘cause that was so important to me.

H:        You know it talks about that in Ecclesiastes. The church really needs to be involved you know. We’re not just here to come to church – go home – come to church – go home. But you know there needs to be discipleship in the church and you know talking to your pastor about what’s going on in your life. I love that it really encouraged that.

N:        That was one of the things that was really important to me. When they first came to me and asked me to host this dating show in the church I said “Ah, No!” (laughs). And then the more I got to know what it was really about, I was like, you know this is everything that we need to show our culture, you know? And even people who are Christians who say “Well I would NEVER let someone from my church – I would NEVER let my pastor …” I’m like then you’re in the wrong church. You know? If you can’t trust your pastor and the people that you are fellowshipping with week in and week out to really steep into this part of your life – talking about your love life – The church is ABSOLUTELY where we should be having accountability and talking about that.

H:        Yeah if you’re not finding people in your church, where are you finding them – are you out in the bar?

N:        Exactly! And that’s one of the things that I heard whether we were in the inner city Brooklyn or in the farming community of Goshen, Indiana. You know all of the singles, even though they were from completely different walks of life – they all had the same thing to say. We’re Christians, we have strong faith and values, where are we supposed to meet somebody? You know, the club? The bars? No! Church is the perfect place to find someone.

H:        You know somebody that I have been talking to in my own church she had heard – she caught wind of this a while back – of this show coming up. She said you know I’m kind of iffy, I just wanna leave it up to God. And something that caught me about the first gentleman that stood up, watching the screening – I think his name was Nick. I don’t wanna give away what happens. But one of the things that really caught me and it really hit me was when he brought up the verse that says all things work together for goo — God’s gonna make all things work together for good. And that’s really what we need to be doing as a church is giving it up to God and He’s gonna lead us wherever He wants us to go.

N:        And He gives us people and relationships and accountability in which to kind of walk that out and I think sometimes it’s easy for people who are married to say – you know I have been married for almost 15 years and it would be kind of easy for me to say “Well just trust the Lord, He’ll just bring someone”. Well of course we trust God! But we also have to be open to relationships and communities that He has placed in our lives, you know He’s not going to just drop something out of the sky. He does ask us to step out in faith and I think that one of the things that this show really demonstrates, which is so beautiful, is the importance of the local church really taking notice of the singles in their congregation. You know a lot of times I think singles feel on the outside of the church and they feel like maybe there’s not a place for them. Especially as you get a little older – I know you are young – you said you are only 22 – You’ve got A LOT ahead of you. But for people who are starting to get into their 30’s or mid 30’s they think it gets harder and harder to meet someone and they feel like there just isn’t a place for them to fit in. You know more than match making – I hope that this show really inspires churches to create a place and a space where singles feel important and validated and a very intricate part of the congregation.

H:        So this was your first time hosting something?

N:        Oh my word! Completely! I have never done anything like this before (laughing) and so when they asked me to do it I’m like “Are you sure?” ‘cause I mean I can sing – now that I can do –that I know how to do well but THIS, I’ve never done before. But you know I do get do a little bit of singing in every episode which is super fun and then, more than that, you know I’m a local church girl. I’m a local church girl through and through and so the environment was super natural, was very natural for me to be interacting with pastors and church people. And so that made it a little bit easier but I was still definitely very nervous. And I had to wear this little ear piece so they would be feeding me something that I was supposed to be saying and while someone is talking in your head at the same time that you are trying to speak on camera – it was a very interesting skill to try to perfect. But it was really fun, I loved doing it!

H:        Well I think that was all the time that we had for today, I wanted to thank you again.

N:        It was great to speak with you!

H:        Don’t forget to check it out this Thursday, June 5th at 9/8 Central. It Takes a Church, it’s going to be premiering on the Game Show Network and that’s going to be hosted by Natalie Grant. Thanks again.

N:        Thank you so much, take care





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