No Snow!

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Here it is mid January and we still have no snow in the foothills at Albuquerque, New Mexico.  Saturday was a lovely day so we thought we would take a ride up the mountain to see if we could find some snow.  We went prepared with our warm coats, gloves, scarf and boots.  It was a really nice day to take a drive.  The sun was shining and it was about 50 degrees in the valley.

As we made our way up the mountain it became very clear that we would find what we were looking for. The snow started in patches at about 7,000 feet and then by the time we landed on the summit (elevation 10,447) the snow was piled up to about 3-4 feet.  It was so high that the paved pathway that lead to the observation deck was covered so high revealing only about 6 inches of the handrail.  That handrail (usually at about waist level) now was just a little above ankle level as you walked up the hills of show.

I was so glad I had my boots!  We saw lots and lots of cars in the parking lot, but only a few people.  They must have been sledding or cross country skiing on the lower trails.  As we climbed up to the observation deck it was silly to follow a couple of young moms with their little children.  One of the mom’s was wearing backless deck shoes and making remarks about how cold the snow was on her feet.  Once that mom’s and children were settled on the deck, they sat an had a little lunch in the cold, sunshiny outdoor air.

I realized I was without my camera, but managed to get a few lovely shots on my cell phone.  It was really a lovely day and we found the snow!  Here are some pretty pictures for you:

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Pamela Rose Williams

Pamela Rose Williams, Christianity Every Day Founder is a wife, mom and grand mom. She and her Pastor-husband serve together at Selah Mountain Ministries in Albuquerque, New Mexico. She is also a Professional Editor and Christian freelance writer. To learn more about Pamela and all the things the Lord has to keep her busy, visit her About page.