Pastor Tony Evans on Homosexuality and More

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NEW YORK — Dr. Tony Evans, pastor of Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship church and president of The Urban Alternative, recently shared his perspective on why the issue of homosexuality is unavoidable in today’s cultural climate, and explained why he believes Christians cannot afford to remain silent or compromise on “God’s standard about sexuality and the family.”

Pastor Evans, known for his popular books and teachings on how a “kingdom agenda” impacts men, women, families, and society, founded the 10,000-member OCBF in 1976 with wife and ministry partner, Dr. Lois Evans.

Read the transcript of CP’s interview with the Dallas, Texas, pastor and bestselling author, or watch the discussion in the video player below.

CP: The issue of homosexuality and same-sex marriage seems unavoidable nowadays. Why do you think that is?

Evans: “I think this issue has taken a dominant position in the Church and in the culture because it does infringe on the re-definition of the family. With that redefinition, it’s weighted heavier in terms of its implications both for, not only the family, but then how the Church functions in light of it, and how the Church interacts with the culture in light of it. It seems to have a much greater potential impact than other sins, and that’s why it gets the dominant attention it’s receiving.

CP: What’s your response to critics who say Christians that harp on homosexuality are being hypocritical by appearing cold on other issues, like divorce and adultery?

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