Pickles, Bread and Butter, Quick and Easy

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Bread and Butter refrigerator pickles

yield: 2 quarts
prep time: 30 minutes

We love bread and butter pickles in our house. I have canned them before but these days I do not use the pressure or hot bath method of canning because I just don’t have a garden. Instead for this recipe you can prepare them and just put them right into the refrigerator.  It is truly a quick and easy recipe and can be done start to finish in 30 minutes. Take a look:


1 long English Cucumber (or several pickle sized cukes from your garden)

3 Cups distilled vinegar

3 Cups sugar

1/3 cup coarse sea salt (or canning salt)

1 tablespoon celery seed

1 tablespoon turmeric

1 tablespoon mustard seed


bread and butter pickle brine
bread and butter pickle brine

Make the brine (makes enough brine for 2 quarts of pickles):

Put the vinegar, sugar, salt, celery seed, turmeric and mustard seed into a 3 quart sauce pan (note, turmeric will turn everything a lovely shade of bright orange/yellow so be careful to choose a pan and utensils that will not stain).

Cook the brine at medium heat on the stove top until the sugar and salt are dissolved (about 10-15 minutes).  Stir occasionally to help dissolve the sugar and salt.

sliced cucumbers
sliced cucumbers


Cut the cucumber(s) into thin slices and place then into pint or quart mason jars (4 pints or 2 quarts).

When the brine is ready pour it over the cucumbers in the jar(s). Leave about 1/2 inch head space between top of pickles and lid. Place jars immediately into refrigerator.pickles_5

Wait at least 24 hours before enjoying your pickles.  We love them with grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup.  BUT they are great with any sandwich!


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