ShapelyGirl Fitness Beginning Week 3

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Movin’ My Body Monday

If this is the first time you are reading about my ShapelyGirl Fitness DVD review you might want to stop here and restart with my first in the series. My posts show progress throughout this project and it might make more sense to you to start at the beginning:

ShapelyGirl Fitness Kickoff

ShapelyGirl Fitness Beginning Week 2

Gee how time flies! Here we are already heading into week 3 of my review of ShapelyGirl Fitness “Let’s Get Moving!” DVD. As I continue my journey with 26 other ladies on the CWA ShapelyGirl Custom Review Crew, I am sharing updates weekly of how this “do & review” personally affects me.

Here are some thoughts that I jotted downs during week 2 for you:

Sunday: The Lord’s Day. Worshiped and rested. Later in the day I finalized and published my results of week 1.

Monday: Early day out of bed. Had a large cup of water, coffee and a fruit and nut bar. Forty minutes later I was Movin’ by body with Debra Mazda and the girls. I put a little more into it today. I noticed I really looked forward to the cool down 😉  My abs feel firm, but not sore today and my neck and shoulders are so much more relaxed than usual. THIS WAS A GREAT WORKOUT. Concentrating on drinking lots of water today and making healthy food choices.

Tuesday: Feel great today. Very little soreness from yesterday’s workout and my energy level is really up. Lovely this Movin’ my body thing.

Wednesday: Great workout today was able to make it through almost the entire full workout (I had been doing the 19 minute pre mix). Still very encouraged by the girls in my group and I am praying for each and everyone of them every day. I am so blessed by this project!

Thursday: Rough day, as I was returning from the mailbox I missed a step and fell to the ground. Many scraps and bruises but PTL no broken bones. Wondering how this is going to affect my workouts for the rest of the week.  I will surely be sore tomorrow.

Friday: As I suspected I woke up very sore with major problem on my left ankle. This is an ankle that I injured when I was a young girl and the twisting yesterday on the fall has caused swelling and much pain. No workout today but I can still choose healthy food!


Saturday: Very discouraged today as I am still in pain from that fall and I am not able to workout again. Tomorrow is the Lord’s Day and so Monday is the next time I will be able to get my body moving.

I know you want to see the chart too, because it is the “black and white” of my progress. But truly you need to know that even if I do not shed one pound nor one inch — I am feeling better and I AM MOVING MY BODY. This is more than I was doing 2 weeks ago!  Here’s that chart:

Week 1 Week 2 Week 3
Weight= 241 Weight= 241 Weight= 241
Right arm= 18 Right arm= 17 1/2 Right arm= 17
Left arm= 18 Left arm= 17 1/2 Left arm= 17 1/2
Chest= 47 1/2 Chest= 47 1/2 Chest= 47 1/2
Waist= 45 Waist= 44 Waist= 44
Abs= 40 Abs= 40 Abs= 40
Hips= 53 1/2 Hips= 53 1/4 Hips= 53 1/2
Right thigh= 30 1/2 Right thigh= 30 Right thigh= 30 1/4
Left thigh= 30 Left thigh= 30 Left thigh= 30


Favorite Quote from the board:

Our private Facebook group continues to be a great source of encouragement to me. On Friday Debra left us some encouraging words, once again she knows just what to say and when t say it. Here is a little excerpt of something she wrote on the wall:

” … I have been working out for 30 years and I keep my weight off by exercising but mostly by what I eat! Do not get discouraged because the numbers are not moving but rather be moved by the fact that you are off the couch and eating as best you can and just do not give up!”

Instead of a vlog this week, I want to share a song that inspired me this week. If I could memorize the routine I think I would do it to this music by Toby Mac. I must be honest, there is NO WAY that I would be able to stick with this if I did not have the strength of Christ with me. So, I hope you can enjoy this upbeat song with great lyrics:


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I can do all thing through Christ which stengtheneth me.
~ Philippians 4:13

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