Signed, Sealed, Delivered: From Paris With Love Movie Review

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By Pamela Rose Williams

ssd featuredI’m all about a wholesome good movie. We don’t find many of those in today’s day and age. However, tomorrow (June 6, 2015) the Hallmark Movies & Mysteries Channel will premier just such a movie. It is called Signed, Sealed, Delivered: From Paris With Love and you can see it at 9:00 PM (8:00 PM Central).


You might recall a Hallmark TV series “Signed, Sealed, Delivered” originally titled “Dead Letters” that aired on the Hallmark Channel in 2014. The series ran for one season before Hallmark announced that it would be re-branded as made for television films to air on the Hallmark Movies & Mysteries Channel. This is a great family movie about four postal detectives, called “The POstables” that “learn lessons about living by delivering dead letters.”

Left to right: Norman, Shane, Oliver and Rita
Left to right: Norman, Shane, Oliver and Rita

The movie starts out with Caitlyn and Joey who are immediately attracted to one another and truly fall in love at first sight. You see that they are married before the next scene which is set two years into the future. You are taken into the Post Office where Oliver (Eric Mabius) and his team Shane (Kristin Booth), Rita (Crystal Lowe) and Norman (Geoff Gustafson) are busy at work sorting through dead letters in the DLO (Dead Letter Office). The current “dead letter” at hand contains divorce papers to be delivered to “Caitlyn” Somebody. After a little investigation they are able to find that the letter was from Joey to his wife. When Oliver and Shane (whom Oliver always addresses as Miss McInerney) arrive at Joey’s restaurant in search of Caitlyn they learn that things between Joey and Caitlyn are not the same as they were two years ago.  Meanwhile, another dead letter turns up and Shane is surprised to see that it is one that was sent from Oliver to his estranged wife Holly (Poppy Montgomery). Shane finds Holly’s current address in Paris and the letter accidentally gets re-mailed to Holly – causing Holly to come back to Oliver.

Poppy Montgomery guest stars as Holly O'Toole
Poppy Montgomery guest stars as Holly O’Toole

Intended Audience:

Clearly this is a family movie as Executive Producer Martha Williamson (also creator of Touched by an Angel) has been careful to present the characters as mostly innocent and pure of heart. It was refreshing to see the story lines presented without vulgar language, sexual scenes or other non-family friendly content.

Impressions & Reactions:

I could not help but get pulled in and just love these “postable” characters. They each had their own quirks: Oliver, forever Mr. Do Right; Shane, too curious to wait; Rita, seemingly a dim wit and Norman, the geekiest of geekiness. Even so, they are adorable and as their story lines are revealed you are taken on the roller coaster of emotions and life lessons. The movie has it all – Attraction, Love-at-first-sight, Marriage, Unrequited Love, Innocence, Love Unawares, Broken Dreams, Commitment, Misunderstanding, Mistakes, Regret and Broken Hearts. But the one thing that rang through most of all was the need for forgiveness. A line that stuck in my head was when Shane reminded Oliver that “Forgiveness is doing the right thing over”. Forgiveness was necessary to move on with life – even among all those dead letters.

I was delighted to see that boundaries were not crossed, even when attraction was apparent but not allowed due to other life circumstance and prior commitment. This is honorable and has become all but lost today where most “anything goes” as the world tries to define a “new normal”. It was refreshing to see consideration for the sanctity of marriage that was presented in this movie.

Cute movie – you should watch it!

You can take a sneak peek of the extended preview, click here: Sign, Sealed, Delivered

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