Springtime in the Desert-land

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A poem that popped in my head.  Thought I would share it with you:

Bullock’s Orioles at the feeder

Springtime in the Desert-land
by Pamela Rose Williams

A crisp and lovely morning light,
The birds wake and sing so sweet.
The canyon breeze takes them to flight
Listen to the soft “tweet tweet”.

The light, so bright over top the mount
All morning clouds away.
How many there now, 8, 9 …  lost count!
And look!  The humming bird’s here to stay.

Desert flowers are blooming at last
Honey bees enjoy the nectar.
Orange, yellow, purple, blue; growing so fast,
All reminders of the Great Creator.

Soon the days will be hot and dry
The sun will scorch the sand.
But for now I will enjoy my coffee while I spy
my birds and springtime in the desert-land.

[This post was originally published on April 9, 2011,
I dug it out of the archives for a “Say it Again Saturday”]

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Pamela Rose Williams

Pamela Rose Williams, Christianity Every Day Founder is a wife, mom and grand mom. She and her Pastor-husband serve together at Selah Mountain Ministries in Albuquerque, New Mexico. She is also a Professional Editor and Christian freelance writer. To learn more about Pamela and all the things the Lord has to keep her busy, visit her About page.