tobyMac: gifts and talent to touch lives

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by Hollie Rose

Christian Artist tobyMac

Kevin Michael McKeehan or better known as tobyMac, Originally a rapper in the wildly popular trio DC Talk out of Liberty University starting out in 1987 with buddies Michael Tait and Kevin Smith. Aside from music the three paired with Voice of the Martyrs ministries and collected stories of Christians living in dire, sometimes seemingly hopeless situations, all over the world. A portion of the profit of each book that was sold went toward the Voice of the Martyrs ministry. The three stayed together until about 2000 when they all moved on, this is when Toby decided to try his hand at his own solo career and made quite a name for himself in the Christian community and beyond.

Take a look at this video where Toby shares some history and his heart for music:

Having sold more than 10 million albums, Toby had six number 1 hit singles, Five singles have gone to number 1 on Billboard’s Christian Song’s Chart, he received the Grammy Award for Best Rock or Rap Gospel Album in 2009, and a Grammy for Best Contemporary Christian Music Album in 2013.

It’s been a delicate balance between work and family life though, married for almost 20 years, and a father of 5, he’s careful to put family first even talking about home and family in his songs. It’s clear where his heart really is when he’s writing and where he’s taking it with the message.As a now well established solo artist and President of Gotee Records, one of Toby’s other favorite past-times is collaborating with other new artists-like Mandisa who’s now topping the charts with her no.1 hit single “Overcomer”. Toby’s also helped establish a Christian Music camp, “Camp Electric” near Nashville, TN. Aspiring artists are able to come and learn from well known contemporary artists on how to play instruments, sing, perform, read music, start bands, produce, anything they want to know about today’s music business. Best of all it puts God first, and teaches them how to glorify Him more through using their talents.

Here is one of his latest hits:

I think that’s why I chose Toby, he started out as just a college boy rapping at Liberty University and now it’s so clear in everything he does that he just wants to glorify God and show others that with everything in his life. It’s inspiring and uplifting to see someone going so far and really wanting to do everything they can to touch so many lives with the gifts and talents that God has given them.

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