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Women of faith facing life’s journey together

This eBook We Travel Together by Jo Wilmer is one that I saved for — guess — when I traveled! I read it on the planes when we took a short vacation not long ago. Many of our regular readers already know that JoAnn is a wonderful writer as we have enjoyed several guest posts from her right here at Christianity Every Day. I am happy to provide my review of her eBook here.

About the Author

Jo Wilmer, Author

Jo Wilmer and her husband Bill have been married for over 30 years.  Together they have taught under Child Evangelism Fellowship and neighborhood Bible studies.

In 2004, JoAnn began writing “We Travel Together,” a book aimed at encouraging and strengthening other women who were trying to live a godly life while facing all this world had to throw at them. A few months later, she and her husband were involved in a head on collision which turned their world upside down.  Health issues, financial issues and emotional pressures all seemed to be hurled at them. After four and a half years of pain and pleading prayer, her prayers were answered and relief from pain was almost total. Finally, in 2012 she finished the book which she felt led to write. Now more than ever, she desires to reach the lost and hurting women who are searching for relief.  Relief found only through Jesus Christ.

In 2005, she created her website, “M” Words, an outreach to those hurting women.  Her passion is to draw sister’s in Christ closer, to make them more aware of the  hurting women around them and  of those who still need to be rescued by the saving grace of Christ.


I knew before I began that this little eBook would be well written and quite enjoyable. What I did not know is how very encouraged I was by the thoughtful words contained therein. JoAnn did well to think through many Bible passages and then to write short, concise commentary on them. As I traveled through the book I found that it was not only an encouraging letter from one sister to another, but that it was actually a great little book that can be used as a Bible study and devotion companion. The words on the pages are meant to edify and encourage sisters in Christ and JoAnn did well to achieve that goal. It is a heart-felt compilation of lovely and inspired words, some even from her own life experiences.

Favorite Parts

I was liberal in making notes through my journey and here are some of my favorite parts:

  • Chapter 1 – love how she says “The unknown woman in front of me a few moments ago suddenly has become someone that I know very well”. (L9)
  • The challenging questions throughout and especially at the end of the chapters are great springboards for further study.
  • The gentle urging that Jo does makes you really think about what she is writing — makes you think about how you can be a better “sister”.
  • Reminders from the Bible of women who have left their mark in the world and even were mentioned in the most popular book on earth!
  • Love this quote “There is not a crevice where darkness can hide from His bright light of forgiveness.” Then she follows it up with some great bullet points … you need to get the book to read them (L36).
  • Her definition of sin as a “dark disease … with a fatal ending” (L45)
  • My favorite quote “We do not need to be a theologian to “witness” to someone. Witnessing is just talking with someone about what Jesus had done for you and how your life has changed through His saving grace” (L50-51)
  • In Chapter 7 Jo shares some thoughts about how we can be in His word regularly; great hints and information here.
  • Favorite challenge: “Can you sleep when the wind blows through your life?” Read Chapter 7 to get the context of this one.
  • Very useful information on how you know when God is calling you to do something special for Him (L71-72)

At the beginning of the book Jo says:

“May you be blessed by the words I have tried to express from my heart. May you be used in a very special way in His service.”

I was blessed and you will be too. This little book will encourage and enlighten you. I thank Jo for using her talent in this way to encourage other sisters in Christ.

Purchasing Link

We Travel Together is available in an eBook format from Amazon.com. You can read it on your Kindle or any other e-Reader. Click on the link below for more purchasing information.

I received a free copy of this eBook to review. I was not required to write a positive review nor was I compensated in any other way. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the FTC Regulations. You may read my full disclosure policy here: Disclosure

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