When a Leader Uses Profanity

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[This article originally appeared on The Christian Post Blog, by Phil Cooke]

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 Not long ago I had the opportunity to contribute to an article on CBS Moneywatch on the subject of using profanity at work. It happens so much these days in the workplace, here’s a few other points that might be worth mentioning:

The world has changed in my lifetime. When I entered my career, the idea of actually swearing in an office around co-workers or your boss was only something done on the loading dock. But now, when comedians, prime time television, and major movies glorify the most crude language, a new generation simply takes profanity for granted. Particularly when it comes to comedy, it seems that you can’t be a serious comedian these days without regularly using profanity.

Or does it? The truth is [read the full article here: Leaders Profane]

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