Why Do I blog?


Why do I blog? That is the question that Courtney over at Faithful Bloggers was asking in her writing project.

Now that is a good question. I have been doing this for a couple years now and I think every blogger should know the answer to this question.

Short answer: I love to write!

Not so short answer: Sharing my faith with others is something that I believe all Christians are called to do. What better way than on a website to which I control all the content? This site is not only my outlet to writing what the Lord lays on my heart, but it is also a way to get the word out about some of the Every Day things that other Christians are doing.  A large portion of the content at Christianity Every Day is what I find in the Bible during my devotions. I hope others are blessed by my study because I know the Word of God is something that we need to absorb Every Day in order to cultivate our relationship with the Lord.

Books! You will see that I have been reading books and publishing my reviews. Writing a book and getting the word out about it are two very challenging tasks — I know because I have been wanting to publish a book for more than 10 years! So, I am happy to review the works of other Christian authors and give my honest review right here.

I also like reviewing movies and shows that I think might be appropriate for audiences of all ages. We have a huge shortage of wholesome content on our televisions and in the theaters. Just like my book reviews, my movie and other production reviews are from my heart. I hope my little contribution helps others promote these good products. I am even beginning host giveaways when possible.

I love to cook, so you will find quite a few recipes on my site as well. I am always open to receiving contributions to the recipe page — submit one if you like to: contact at christianeveryday dot com.  I will be sure to attribute it to you!

I love to sing too. Therefore, you will find some videos with great songs in them. Take a look at my resources page for that music as well as some other miscellaneous stuff.

Making money? While it is always great to make a few cents here and there, I have found that making money is not the reason why I blog. Don’t get me wrong, if the blog generates a little money, I am thankful. But truly, it is a ministry and when you are in ministry your goal should NEVER be to make money.

I stand by my motto — which it the reason behind the name:

“Christianity isn’t for just once a week; Christianity is for Every Day”

Pamela Rose


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