Wisdom4Today: What is freedom

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If you ask most people today to define freedom you will get a variety of answers mostly related to the idea of someone doing what they want to do without the interference to do so from others. While the concept of their answer may be correct, most people today do not know that freedom, or liberty, does not come from government. To believe that it does leaves us at the mercy of whomever is in control of the government and makes us subject to the historical abuses of all peoples throughout human history. Therefore, to assure our protection from these abuses, it is important to understand the source of freedom and what it takes to assure that no one enslaves us or anyone else to a version of tyranny that disguises itself as a humanistic form of freedom. With this in mind, we must explore the only true source of freedom and how it is to be maintained amongst all peoples of humanity.

What is freedom?

Since most people are not Biblically literate today, their understanding of freedom, or liberty, is skewed by a humanistic idea of freedom that is untenable [Read the full article here: What is freedom]

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Pamela Rose Williams

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