A Man’s Autistic Silence Broken after 2 Decades…with an iPad

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by Aimee Herd :  Emily Le Coz – Clarion Ledger, USA Today
July 16, 2013

Autism Speaks(Jackson, MS)—Pam and Donald Dollar’s only son, Watson, seemed perfectly normal, until just after his second birthday—a scenario all too common for families that deal with autism.

The usually developing toddler became more and more withdrawn and agitated, and communication skills quickly diminished until only a few words remained.

But upon Watson’s diagnosis of Autism in 1993, his parents did not give up.

Instead, they “bombarded Watson with therapy and enrolled him in Magnolia Speech School in Jackson. They enlisted the best doctors and attended the latest autism conferences. They did everything they could to loosen autism’s grip, but it wouldn’t let go,” said the USA Today report.

But as their boy continued to become increasingly isolated, they all but gave up hope, wondering if he was at all inside the mostly blank shell he had become.

And then Pam Dollar bought an iPad.

One morning, when a thirsty Watson had picked up his mother’s water bottle [Read the full article here: Autism Speaks]


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