A&E’s Dogs of War Interview

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I recently had a great opportunity to speak with Jim and Lindsey Stanek, founders of Paws and Stripes the life-saving organization behind the new A&E docuseries “Dogs of War”. The show follows war veterans suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), as they are paired with shelter dogs trained to help them adjust to life after combat.

Here is the list of questions that I asked Jim and Lindsey and the full audio of our telephone conversation is also included for you to listen.

dogs of war 4Q: I watched the first episode of Dogs of War and I just know that it will be an encouragement to many veterans. Jim, tell us about your organization Paws and Stripes and how it is behind the new series.

Q: Lindsay, correct me if I am wrong that one day you had to turn some of your duties as caregiver and protector over to Jim’s service dog Sarge … tell us what that was like and how that has helped you to help other spouses in the same situation.

Q: Jim, I understand that the cost to secure a service animal is between $10 – $60,000 through other organizations. How has Paws and Stripes been able to cut that cost?

Q: I was able to watch Episode 1 where Michael, the veteran and the three dogs that you offered to him, Thomas, Tennesee and Laylah. In case others are waiting to watch I won’t spoil it and reveal which of the three chose him. I will share that Michael found his companion and renamed that dog E-Suda. Jim, is there some significance in that new name?

Listen to the interview below.

(click on the play button to listen)

Tune in to A&E Sundays at 10 PM Eastern for “Dogs of War”.

Visit A&E’s site to view the first episode “Michael” here:  Michael & E-Suda

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About A&E

A&E, is an American cable and satellite television channel that serves as the flagship television property of A+E Networks, a joint venture between the Hearst Corporation and Disney–ABC Television Group. Visit A&E on the web: A&E

About Lindsey & Jim Stanek

Lindsey and Jim Stanek founded Paws and Stripes in 2010 because of Jim’s struggles with PTSD and TBI. Jim was sent home from his third tour in Iraq for injuries he received while deployed. After nine months in treatment at Brook Army Medical Center in San Antonio, TX, Jim discovered that the most comfort and relief he found was in the presence of therapy dogs. In May of 2010, Jim and his wife tried to obtain a trainer for their rescue dog, Sarge. They soon learned about the difficult and expensive process of getting a service dog. After being rejected or unable to pay for service dogs from multiple organizations, they decided to start their own organization for veterans. Paws and Stripes™ was born and was incorporated in June 2010. Since then, Jim has trained his own service dog, a process that he found rewarding, relaxing, and more effective than any medication or therapy session alone (source: pawsandstripes.org).

Paws and Stripes is the life saving organization behind A&E’s Dogs of War. Read more here: Paws and Stripes

photo credit: rendered from A&E’s Dogs of War Episode 1

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