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photo: Crown Media Family Networks
photo: Crown Media Family Networks

I recently screened the movie entitled Beverly Lewis’ The Confession which will premier on Hallmark Channel on Saturday, May 11th at 9/8c.

It is a delightful movie. As I was watching it occurred to me that I recognized names and characters from a movie I had previously viewed entitled The Shunning. And indeed, Beverly Lewis’ The Confession is a continuation of that saga; both movies directed by Michael Landon, Jr. The great thing is that you do not need to watch The Shunning first because Beverly Lewis’ The Confession incorporates the story whether or not you have familiarity with the cast and characters.

Katie Lapp has known no other life but that of her Amish upbringing. Her world changes forever as she discovers that she was adopted from an “English” woman at birth. She leaves her Pennsylvania Dutch home to seek her birth mother in the big city. As you watch Beverly Lewis’ The Confession, you will see Katie Lapp (Katie Leclerc) deal with a number of things, including anticipation, deception, betrayal, heartbreak, selfishness and unconditional love.

Here is a little sneak peek for you.

This is a movie that is appropriate for the entire family. The best part is that at the end of the movie you can see that it is open to yet another sequel — for sure and for certain!

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