“Brain Dead” Teenager Awakens From Coma After Her Family Sings Hymns

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by Steven Ertelt | Salt Lake City, UT | LifeNews.com

LifeNews has repeatedly chronicled cases of people who were prematurely declared dead or said to be in supposedly persistent vegetative states who ultimately recovered.

Lexi Hansen, 18, miraculous awakening
Lexi Hansen, 18, miraculous awakening

Now comes the story of Lexi Hansen, a BYU student who suffered critical head injuries last week after being hit by a car. Hansen, 18, was alert and breathing on her own Tuesday, though she was still listed in critical but stable condition. She even tried to get out of her hospital bed. While she has a long road to recovery ahead, her family believes they have witnessed a miracle. [Read the full article here: Teen awakens]

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