Conservative Christianity Hurts Marriage?

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According to a study about to be published in the American Journal of Sociology, being conservative Protestant, i.e., an evangelical, is not helpful when it comes to staying married. In fact, the authors conclude, “divorce is higher among religiously conservative Protestants-and even drives up divorce rates for other people living around them.”

Say what?


The study, entitled “Red States, Blue States, and Divorce: Understanding Regional Variation in Divorce Rates,” examined data on divorce for every county in the United States. What Jennifer Glass of the University of Texas and Philip Levchak of the University of Iowa found was that a “a key factor predicting divorce rates is the concentration of conservative Protestants in a county.”

For instance, Bible Belt states like Alabama and Arkansas rank second and third in divorce rates, while Massachusetts and New Jersey, so-called “Blue” states, are near the bottom in divorce rates.

If “conservative Protestantism” is supposed to be good for marriage, you [Read the full article here: Marriage Failing]

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