Do you know about #Tworship on Twitter?

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screenshot of TWORSHIP web page

The other evening I was just cruising around the Twittersphere and I noticed the hashtag #Tworship. Well I love to sing and so I said to myself “Self, let’s see what this thing is all about”. Before you know it I realized I had stumbled upon some folks that were worshiping through song on Twitter. But the best part is that even though I was late, I could still join in.

You see every Monday – Friday at 9PM Eastern Time a bunch of folks go to TWORSHIP to begin singing the preselected worship songs. You view the videos right where you are and SING! At the same time you follow the #Tworship on Twitter and tweet whatever is laid upon your heart about the songs you are singing to the Lord. You might repeat some lyrics, or a Scripture that pops into your mind or even retweet something that inspires you about other #Tworship tweeps. It is very, very encouraging and a great way to spend less than 30 minutes praising the Lord in song.

The worship is led by Richard @mcProdigal and Marie @spreadingJOY. To learn more about #Tworship visit TWORSHIP (Worship without boarders).

You will be blessed and maybe even we can worship together, though we may live miles apart.

Disclaimer: It didn’t cost me anything to post this great news and I didn’t get paid or remunerated in anyway to post it. I just love to worship the Lord and love to invite others to do it with me.

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Pamela Rose Williams

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