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Can you believe it? I have found a community of Christian bloggers that blog everyday conversations about work, life and God. It is called TheHighCalling.org and I became a member. My blog posts will appear in the Faith community there. You gotta go check it out, there are some really good articles and the writers are down to earth everyday Christians.

I found this article and loved it so much I decided I needed to include an excerpt to coax you to click to read more. It’s called “Pancakes” and it is written by an expectant father (Jeff Goins). It is sweet and I think you will get all the images in your head as I did when I read this delightful piece. Most especially for the Moms and Dad out there, take a look:

She’s pregnant now, finishing her first trimester. Her taste for food is all out of whack, but she still loves pancakes.

It’s Sunday morning. We slept through both church services. Or rather, she did. On my lap. While I read a book on the couch for two hours. I’ve finished now, but I can’t bear stirring her. Even when my legs fall asleep, I don’t move.

It’s 11 a.m., and she’s hungry. I ask if she wants anything, but nothing … read more

Click on the logo below to visit my community and check out some of the great things my new brothers and sisters are writing:

© 2001 – 2012 H. E. Butt Foundation. All rights reserved. Reprinted with permission from Laity Lodge and TheHighCalling.org.  “Pancakes” article by Jeff Goins

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