Glimpses Part 1

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This is a Wordless Wednesday. Featured are photos from our weekend trip to the Jemez mountains in New Mexico and beyond. This is part 1, For Part 2 Click: Glimpses Part 2. But for now, enjoy some glimpses of the beautiful southwest USA in spring. No words, just photos — well, and some captions.

Sand Cherry Blossoms
Beautiful sand cherry blossoms in the back yard
spring sage
spring sage, not green yet
Jemez pueblo
Jemez pueblo
A church
A church in the southwest
Mesas on the road
Great pic for a postcard
bush & rock
That bush next to the rock came to my shoulder
Jemez Springs red rock
Red rock, blue sky
Red rocks of Jemez Springs
Markings in the red rocks at Jemez Springs
fry bread
A little high carb snack of Indian fry bread with cherry filling
I hear the river, it sounds big
Good fishin'
Hubby says good fishin’ here
blue sky
♪♫ Blue skies smiling at me, nothin’ but blue skies do I see ♫♪

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Visit next Wednesday for the rest of these pics.

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