Glimpses Part 2

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As promised, here is the second part of the New Mexico spring beauty that we caught on our trip to the Jemez mountain area. Enjoy!  Be sure to look back at Part 1 too: Glimpses Part 1

pine cone
Leftover pine cone from autumn
Looking at the forrest through the trees, wild fires burnt many trees last year
Lake Fenton in spring
Lake Fenton, it looks frozen but the hot springs below are melting it fast
Snow up here
Not our supper, we had no license to fish
run off
Ice melting off of Lake Fenton
green gable
A cabin being built with a green gable. I wonder if Ann with an E lives there?
The road ended
The road ended and the GPS did not work up there … TURN AROUND!
Valles Caldera
Valles Caldera, This was a volcano once. After it blew the hot springs traveled south making the Jemez Springs
Cool looking big rock, carved by The Almighty Creator of Heaven and Earth!

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