Hiding Place

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“Thou art my hiding place and my shield: I hope in thy word.” ~ Psalm 119:114 

I read today’s Bible verse and I was immediately comforted. How lovely is it that we can always go to the Lord no matter what we face in this life. He is our Hiding Place, an ever present shelter in a time of storm. Every time I read Psalm 119:114 I am reminded of a song, and I love how Selah performed it. Enjoy the video below and feel free to sing along.

We can trust only in the Lord for the strength that we need to bring us through the valley. I found some encouraging “strength” quotes that I posted over at What Christians Want to Know, take a look:

Top 25 Christian Quotes about Strength

Jesus is our Strong Shelter, Refuge, Strength and Hiding Place. In Him we are safe from here and throughout eternity.

Things to Think About and Do:

1. Look in the Bible and find at least 3 other verses that talk about how God is out hiding place and/or shelter.

2. Find a Christian song that talks about how we can be strong in Him.

3. Tell someone about the hope that lies within you today. Share Jesus!

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