Interview: The American Bible Challenge Season 2

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March 20, 2013 Albuquerque, New Mexico

Team Anointed Ink. The American Bible Challenge Season 2

I had the pleasure today to interview Scott Hill of Team Anointed Ink, one of the teams competing on Season 2 of The American Bible Challenge.

In the photo Scott is the one with the glasses. He is a very polite Southern young man and it was a joy to speak with him today as we look forward to the season premier of The American Bible Challenge March 21st at 9/8C on the Game Show Network (GSN)

Scott’s message to us is simple and clear:

“… Jesus didn’t sit in the church waiting for people to come to church. He got out there where the people were hurting. He hung out with prostitutes and tax collectors and that’s our job to get out there and not sit around waiting for people to come to our church … to get out there and bring them in, just by lovin’ on them. That’s what Jesus was about. He loved on people and helped people … not beat ‘em up with religion.”

Click on the link below to listen to our entire interview.

Interview with Team Anointed Ink’s Scott Hill – The American Bible Challenge Season 2


Connect with Scott here:

Anointed Ink on Facebook   |   Anointed Ink on the Web


I was granted an exclusive opportunity for this interview by Grace Hill Media. Also, I received a pre-release copy of The American Bible Challenge Season 2 Episode 1 from Grace Hill. You can find my full disclosure policy on the menu at the top of this page.
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