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ALBUQUERQUE – The PNM Electric Company in Albuquerque is offering to chip your used Christmas tree and provide free mulch in Albuquerque, Rio Ranch and Ruidoso.  Several drop off points are available.  For a full list of dates and times for drop off, visit the KOAT website.  Free mulch will be offered only on January 15. Other questions about this program may be directed to PNM at 505-241.3405

For the Christian the Christmas fir tree has been a symbol of “everlasting life” and it has also been the subject of much controversy in and outside of the church.  While many believe it to have pagan origin, the modern Christmas tree tradition can be traced back to Western Germany in the 16th century. “Paradeisbaum” (paradise trees) were cut and carried into houses to celebrate the annual Feast of Adam and Eve on December 24th. Until the 17th century the Christbaum (as the tree is called in German) had no lights. They were first brought to America by German immigrants about 1700. Before the lights were added, a medieval time Christmas pyramid that had wooden shelves held the lights that symbolized Christ as the Light of the world. Eventually the candles and brilliant decorations were transferred to the fir tree.  It wasn’t until about 1850 that Christmas trees were adopted in the United States of America.

In 1856 President Franklin Pierce (1804-1869) had the first Christmas tree in the White House. The National Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony on the White House lawn was born during President Calvin Coolidge’s (1885-1933) administration in 1923.

Today we can find Christmas trees in the homes of Christians and non-Christians alike. We even see them in all colors, shapes and sizes.  They are in stores, churches, public buildings and even at the office.  The lights and evergreen branches of the tree are a constant reminder of our Savior, which is Christ the King and the bright light that He is to the world; the everlasting light.

The sun shall be no more thy light by day; neither for brightness shall the moon give light unto thee: but the LORD shall be unto thee an everlasting light, and thy God thy glory. (Isaiah 60:19)

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