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If this is the first time you are reading about my ShapelyGirl Fitness DVD month long review you might want to stop here and restart with my earlier posts in the series. My posts show progress throughout this project and it might make more sense to you to start at the beginning:

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I have had so much fun during the month of October as I reviewed Debra Mazda’s ShapelyGirl Fitness “Let’s Get Moving!” DVD.This was like no other review I had ever done. It is because it was really more of a “Do & Review” than just a review. Many of you have followed me as I “got my body moving” during the month of October.  I am happy to report that I believe this can now be part of my regular routine. I find that I can exercise with Debra Mazda and the girls up to four times per week.  You see, I have tried other programs, including the ones where you pay lots and lots of $$$ for a membership to the gym. I have been successful in weight loss in the past also, but the problem that continues to plague me (as many other shapely girls) is that I fail at maintaining that healthy weight.

ShapelyGirl Fitness is different than any other programs I have tried in that it does not dwell on weights and measures. As I shared in my ShapelyGirl Fitness Kickoff post, the philosophy is more about “get off the couch and get moving” than working and working to beat the numbers. But the thing that really made me stay with the program is the lovely Debra Mazda herself. She is a lovely Christian lady who motivates you to keep it up. It is not a “put on” kind of thing with her — she is real, just like all of us shapely girls. I have come to realize that this is not just a business for Debra, it is a ministry. Take a look at why I think you should “get off the couch” and get moving with ShapelyGirl Fitness:

Favorite Things:

  • I love that the DVD allows me to get moving on my own time. AND that I can do it in the privacy of my own home
  • The structure of the DVD is such that you have several options from which to choose for your session, depending upon how much time you have. The “Let’s Get Moving!” DVD offered the following:
    • About ShapelyGirl
    • Intro to Workout
    • Start Workout
    • Circle Time
    • Pre-mixes (my favorite)
      • Lower Body Workout – 19 min. (Warm-up, Bonus Lower Body, Cool-down)
      • Quick Workout – 19 min. (Warm-up, 3 combos , Cool-down)
      • Longer Workout – 42 min. (Warm-up, All combos, Bonus Lower Body, Cool-down)
      • Extra Long Workout – 54 min. (Warm-up, All combos 3 x, Cool-down
    • Bonus Section
  • Throughout the workout — even the first time, I was never, ever made to feel like I was a failure if I could not make it through. I always had the march available to me so that I would keep moving.
  • I loved that the other girls on the DVD were shapely girls just like me. I was never made to feel like I needed to get skinny to feel good about myself. Those girls are so confident in their bodies that they are being distributed on DVD. What an encouragement!
  • Throughout the month we had a private facebook group set up for all 27 of us that are simultaneously doing the review of ShapelyGirl Fitness products. I was so encouraged by the other girls and loved how Debra would pop in to share some words of wisdom too. She even assigned one of her other ladies to check in on us. I was blessed to see how many of us pressed on, even through injury (unrelated to exercise) and illness. Funny how when you purpose to do a good thing many times something happens to throw a monkey wrench in to mess you up. Then I remember my theme verse “I can do ALL thing through Christ which stengtheneth me” (Phil 4:13).

Not so Favorite Things:

  • I think I would have liked to do that “circle time” in person some days. Personal interaction, real hugs and girlfriend time is a little better than cyber fellowship.
  • I wish I could meet Debra — she is a gem
  • Getting motivated to do the workout was hard for me every time — I pray that I can get beyond that.

Overall Recommendation:

If you are looking for a low impact cardio exercise program ShapelyGirl Fitness “Let’s Get Moving!” may be the one for you. The DVD is only $14.95 and I think once you get yours you will agree that it is worth every penny. You too can be encouraged by the lovely Debra Mazda who has been there and has done that! According to her own testimony she once weighed over 300 pounds and after a visit to a neighborhood gym she was encouraged to come back and a habit was born. A habit that is at the heart of Mazda’s primary message to other ShapelyGirls, to “get moving.” If you are interested in getting a free DVD of the program that I do, enter to win one in the Giveaway at the bottom of this post. I highly recommend this program for any lady; large, small or in between because “fitness comes in many sizes”

If you are interested in learning more about ShapelyGirl Fitness, checkout the links below:

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I can do all thing through Christ which stengtheneth me.
~ Philippians 4:13


GIVEAWAY – Enter to win your own ShapelyGirl Fitness “Let’s Get Moving!” DVD*

[Giveaway closed – Congratulations to Dani Freeman as the winner of this lovely gift!]

Giveaway begins tonight (Thursday) 11/1 and ends (Friday) 11/9 at 12:01 AM EST. Follow the Rafflecopter instructions for several ways to gain extra entries! Winners will be picked randomly and will have 48 hrs to respond to my email notification before a new winner is chosen. You must be 18 years old or older to enter, however you can always get your parent to enter for you.  NOTE: This giveaway is open to residents of the contiguous United States of America and Canada and prize will not be mailed outside of these areas.

*A band new giveaway DVD is  provided by Debra Mazda and ShapelyGirl Fitness. 

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