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Movin’ My Body Monday

This post marks the beginning of week 2 for my workout with Debra Mazda’s “Let’s Get Moving!” DVD. In this post I want to share some highlights of my personal journey with this new routine.  But first, I have included a little table of last week’s and this week’s weight and measurements — remember Debra says we should keep track of this stuff, so take a look:


Week 1 Week 2
Weight = 241 Weight = 241
Right arm= 18  Right arm= 17 1/2
Left arm= 18 Left arm= 17 1/2
Chest= 47 1/2 Chest= 47 1/2
Waist= 45 Waist= 44
Abs= 40 Abs= 40
Hips= 53 1/2 Hips= 53 1/4
Right thigh= 30 1/2 Right thigh= 30
Left thigh= 30 Left thigh= 30

Not a big difference from last week and I think Debra knew this was going to be the case because she had some encouraging words for us on our private Facebook page on Sunday, she said:

“To all of you, keep moving, eating healthy, never give up and remember that this is a slow race not a fast journey! Long term results take long term commitments!”

It has only really been a week since I began this new routine and although I do not SEE big changes yet, I FEEL changes. My muscles are being used. I am moving my body! And that is where it all begins.

Here is a little vlog with excerpts of my workouts this week:


Here are some things that have been on my mind this past week, while I get my body moving:

Sunday, Very excited to post the kickoff and encourage the other ladies in the group. Discouraged when I stepped on the scale.

Monday, Marching, marching, marching. WOW, I hope I can do more of the routine next time.

So blessed and encouraged by all the ladies’ posts. These girls are serious and I am so glad I do not have to choose a favorite post because they are all so good!

Love Noelle’s “BAM” post in the private Facebook group.

Tuesday, feeling some muscles in my calves that I have not felt in some time. Day off of routine but still making healthy food choices and drinking lots of water.

Wednesday, I did the whole 19 minute routine and I just know next time I will do even better! Maybe I will catch onto some of those moves that seem to require so much coordination — of which I lack. Definitely at the moderate range (3-5). My hips feel it this time.

So encouraged by the other ladies and their posts.

Thursday, Day off of routine

Friday, Woke up will a killer headache today (started last night), but that did not stop me from moving my body. Did the routine afternoon and even caught some of it on my vlog for Monday’s post.

NOTE: Had a gathering this evening and learned something about peeling potatoes — DO NOT do the workout and then peel the taters — peel first!

Abs, Abs, Abs … that is where I am feeling it today!

Saturday, Day off of routine. Produced the vlog for Monday’s post and finalized things. A little sore from yesterday’s workout. Recorded measurements.

Sunday, Today is the Lord’s Day … gonna praise Him and have a day of rest.

All in all, it has been a good week. I think I might be able to do this 4 times a week and after next week I plan to investigate some other routines on the “pre-mixes” that are included on the DVD.

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