VeggieTales Road Block

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Laura CarrotHi! my name is Laura Carrot. YOU know me, I have been with the VeggieTales for a long, long time. YOU know my best friend too — his name is Junior Asparagus. I have had lots of roles in the VeggieTales but can YOU guess my biggest one?  That’s right! YOU guessed it: “Rack, Shack, and Benny”. But now YOU can see me on “VeggieTales: In the House” which YOU can get only on Netflix.

Since YOU made it to the third stop here is word number 3 of your special message:


IN THE HOUSE is VeggieTales for a new generation, available exclusively via the streaming platform Netflix. Today’s young parents, who were raised on VeggieTales, are increasingly getting their television entertainment from streaming services like Netflix. Netflix is the ideal platform for a show like VeggieTales, Kids love it so much they can’t wait for the next episode – and now they don’t have to.IN THE HOUSE is the next chapter in a freshening of the VeggieTales brand for new and longtime fans. All of your children’s favorite vegetables have been given slight physical makeovers – but their personalities are as silly and funny and inspirational as ever.


So now you have God Made You                     

Catch VeggieTales on Netflix November 26th – Click below to go to the next page for the next word in your special message and for an exclusive downloadable surprise at the end!

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