Way Up!

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I hope to see you over there!

I am going on a trip to heaven,
I am going on a trip to the sky.
I am going to see my Jesus,
In the great blue yonder, by and by!

Way up! Way up! I’m going to see my Jesus!
Way up! Way up! I’m gonna meet Him in the air.
Way up! Way up! I’m leaving this world behind me.
Way up! Way up! I hope to see you over there!

Given in prayer 10/13/09

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About this Guest Author:

Marty Rene is married to a wonderful man, Daniel. They have been married 16 years. She is also a homeschooling mother of two beautiful children. Nathaniel 14, and Emilee 8. She is thankful to share that it has been a long and joyous journey, and a privilage to be able to instill Godly character in the lives of her children. She is still learning and growing as a wife, mother, and child of God. Leaning on the direction and strength of the Lord keeps her on track in her everyday living. Her heart’s hearts desire is to share with the world the poems that God inspires her to write in her prayer time. Marty truly believe that words have power. Words that resound the praises of our God, bring encouragement and strength to the reader. Words should touch and refresh the soul. She prays these peoms you read will uplift, and encourage you to the glory and praise of our Awesome God!

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