We are in a state of emergency

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By Jo Wilmer

Women of faith, what is happening to our country, our family, our nation?

We are approaching midnight in this country.  Our whole way of life as we know it is being rebuilt.  Is this what WE want?  What can save us from the downward spiral?

One problem in this country is “tolerance.”

Another is loss of  “family structure and morals.”

But most of all we have become LUKEWARM.

Yes, dear sister in Christ, we are sliding downhill fast.  

Read 1 Peter 4:17 … judgment starts with the “family of God.”

For the time is come that judgment must begin at the house of God: and if it first begin at us, what shall the end be of them that obey not the gospel of God?


  • Four out of ten Christians believe Satan does not really exists.  Most are unsure.
  • Most Christians, so-called, do not believe the Holy Spirit is a living force.
  • One third believe the Bible & Koran teach the same truths!
  • Less than half so-called Christians believe in absolute moral truth.   My Bible is absolute moral truth.  His Word contains no errors.
  • Many believe that their good behavior (in their eyes) will earn them a place in heaven someday.  We cannot earn our way in good behavior to heaven.  “For by grace are you saved.”  We need to read HIS instructions.  It has nothing to do with us, our effort.  How many good deeds pays for a ticket to heaven?
  • Only the sinless sacrifice of Christ on the cross cleanses sin.  BUT it is reported that less than 2/3’s of so-called Christians believe that Jesus was sinless!


  • Bible reading has dropped across the so called “Christian field.”   What are we doing? We have turned away from an Almighty God.  Read in Matthew 24 … Jesus gives us the signs to look for.   Is God trying to get our attention?   Oh, yes.  Realize Christians that persecution is at an all time high.   Ships are gathering in the Straits of Hormuz.   Wake up America!
  • Is God trying to get our attention?  Matthew 24 goes on…..many will turn away from the faith.  Many false prophets will appear and turn many away.
  • Revelation 3:14  is a wake up call to the church of Laodicea and to us today. Jesus declares, “I know your deeds, you are neither cold or hot.”   

WE HAVE BECOME A LUKEWARM NATION.  This American country founded on Christian principles is now all about “us” and God will spit us out of His mouth.  We are lukewarm, self-centered and lazy in our walk.

The church today has lost it’s burning passion for the God which has blessed us so richly!

Prayer is the foundation, the fire.  
The lukewarm Christian does not realize his loss.  Does he need God?  No. Let the world go on. We are in a pitiful state today standing at a crossroad.  What will we do “so-called Christians?” Will we pray with a sense of URGENCY?   Christ can return at any moment for His church, His genuine BELIEVERS.

Are you ready?

Are you resting and lukewarm with an unfocused prayer life?

WE MUST UNITE in prayer and ask for revival our hearts.  
Return to the Lord our God, He is slow to anger and abounding in love!  If GOD is not the center of our lives we are lost and headed for eternal disaster.  Is your church lukewarm and complacent?  Is the passion for reaching the lost fading or gone completely and is the new excitement over the building committee and new playground?

Repentance is the answer. 
He will rebuke us unless we repent. He does it because HE LOVES US and desires our attention! IF we want change and revival and a great awakening, we need REPENTANCE.  We must meet God on our knees and ask Him for forgiveness.  One sin makes us a sinner.  And ALL have sinned. We ALL need repentance.

Jesus state … Here I am, I stand at the door and knock.

We have put Jesus outside the church, our lives and our country!  Let Jesus back in!
Together we can travel the road of repentance and ask for true revival in this spiritual recession we are in! Only Christ can forgive, save, heal and revive.

I am a great sinner….but my Christ is a great Saviour  (John Newton)

Yes, Lord we are sinners.  Place passion in our hearts for revival in this world today!
The only answer for our dying land is revival.  God can RESTORE us.


Abba, Father, 
May You Lord,  place other women of faith in my life to pray,
encourage and strengthen.

We want real revival in our family, community,
nation and world.   

But first we ask for forgiveness for our sins.
Cleanse us and give us a passion to 
serve You.
We must focus on You not to grow weary.
What a Comforter You are!  

Help us to serve together, 
to finish this race.   
In Jesus name I pray,  AMEN.

WOMEN, unite with other believers and become a STRONG SPIRITUAL force in your community to the lost and hurting. With prayer, repentance, compassion, and outreach we can experience spiritual revival in our home, community, church and nation.

A Sister in Christ will:

· Surrender her life

· Sincerely pray each day

· Study His Word

· Seek His will for her life

· Support another sister in need

· Select her friends wisely

· Share the gospel with others


About this Guest Author:

Jo Wilmer and her husband Bill have been married for over 30 years. Together they have taught under Child Evangelism Fellowship and neighborhood Bible studies.

In 2004, JoAnn began writing “We Travel Together,” a book aimed at encouraging and strengthening other women who were trying to live a godly life while facing all this world had to throw at them. A few months later, she and her husband were involved in a head on collision which turned their world upside down. Health issues, financial issues and emotional pressures all seemed to be hurled at them. After four and a half years of pain and pleading prayer, her prayers were answered and relief from pain was almost total. Finally, in 2012 she finished the book which she felt led to write. Now more than ever, she desires to reach the lost and hurting women who are searching for relief. Relief found only through Jesus Christ.

In 2005, she created her website, “M” Words, an outreach to those hurting women. Her passion is to draw sister’s in Christ closer, to make them more aware of the hurting women around them and of those who still need to be rescued by the saving grace of Christ. You might also enjoy JoAnn’s ebook “We Travel Together”, you can order it at http://www.amazon.com/dp/B007Z8MBDO

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