Why Women Need to Stop Judging Each other

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by Kelly Givens of iBelieve.com

Why Women Need to Stop Judging Each other“Mothering a mess of kids is as important as preaching to a stadium for a month of Sundays.”

Ladies, let these words from Ann Voskamp sink in and settle on your heart. Do you believe them? In the day-to-day of carpools, soothing babies or putting in overtime at work, what you do can feel inconsequential, unappreciated, unglamorous. But the work you are doing is just as important as the work of Max Lucado or any other ministry leader.

In fact, Max Lucado himself will be the first to admit it. Ann writes: “I begged grace from Max Lucado a few weeks ago with this note that I wouldn’t be able to speak [at one of his events] as planned. There was ocean-depth wisdom in his gentle words: ‘Ann, we have the option of hundreds of speakers. Your kids only have the option of one mom.’”

Though she’s a best-selling author and widely sought after for speaking engagements, Ann has come to understand that her top priority at the moment—her number one ministry—is her family. “There was an invite to a retreat in Italy, an invite to a retreat in British Columbia,” she writes. “Invitations aren’t obligations. Invitations are options…Every yes automatically says no somewhere else.”

Every yes automatically says no somewhere else. [Read the full article at Crosswalk.com here: Women]

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