Gluten Free Pancakes – Semi Homemade

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This recipe was contributed by my niece Andrea Jenkins Poltrone. It looked so yummy when she posted it I asked for permission to include it here in my recipes.

You start out with this great mix that you can find at Costco:

Follow the instructions on the mix but substitute and/or add as follows:

  • Use Almond Milk instead of Cow’s Milk
  • Use Butternut Squash flavored olive oil instead of Vegetable Oil
  • Sprinkle in some cinnamon

MIx up the batter in a large bowl. (meanwhile … heat your griddle until it is screaming hot ,,, use a little oil on the griddle if you do not have a stick-free griddle)

Grill the cakes until they are golden brown — flip and grill the other side too!

  • Slather with coconut oil when ready to serve rather than serve with other syrup

 Bon Appétit !



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